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Outflows of $12bn come as Beijing’s support measures fail to offset fears over economic slowdown and property crisis

Chinese president’s absence viewed as setback for divided forum and for host Narendra Modi

Unless Beijing allows AI to develop via public interaction, its capabilities will remain limited

Beijing grants regulatory approval to artificial intelligence products by several tech groups

China Eastern Airlines continues three-year lossmaking streak as international travel remains subdued

Data adds pressure on policymakers to take action to restore growth in world’s second-biggest economy

Making a currency a global standard demands deep trust in its issuer’s openness and reliability

US commerce secretary hails new approach to handling China business frictions

With foreign investors facing US restrictions, Chinese venture capital group turns to domestic sources for fundraising

Also in today’s newsletter, US warns of ‘advancing’ Russia-North Korea arms talks and Gina Raimondo hails ‘new approach’ to handling China business frictions

UK needs to balance commerce, security and human rights

Real estate developer battles to survive as situation show signs of spilling over into investment industry

Private equity dealings are hardly famed for fulsome disclosure