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Restrictions on unmanned aerial vehicles and components will have potential impact on both sides in Ukraine war

Currency increases 1.5% against dollar in July after months of falls

Lagging manufacturing recovery spurs calls for more concrete policy measures to revive growth

Chinese contract manufacturer is sole assembler of Vision Pro mixed-reality headset

Investment flows poised for historic shift after ‘giant leap’ by Bank of Japan

Senior officers in nuclear weapons division under scrutiny as president strengthens party’s control over armed forces

Also in today’s newsletter, the latest drone attack on Moscow and Blackstone’s Breit sells property to finance AI push

French finance minister backs new subsidies that will take into account producers’ emissions

Company says mining groups need more support to develop critical resources for electric car batteries

Stefan Hartung’s call comes after Germany warned its companies to reduce their dependence on Beijing

Washington will increase troop deployments and maritime patrols to counter Chinese threat in Indo-Pacific

Cinemas increase showings of Greta Gerwig blockbuster in market dominated by action films and patriotic tales

Biden administration is concerned about Chinese military activity in the region

After Qin Gang’s mysterious disappearance, Xi’s trusted old hand finds himself with even more to do

Impasse at G20 despite moves by Washington and Beijing to rekindle bilateral discussions

China says John Lee should get invite to economic gathering after report suggests he would be barred entry

Tokyo’s annual defence white paper highlights worries over shows of force by Beijing and Moscow

Also in today’s newsletter, ECB raises interest rates to record 2001 level and Kering buys 30% stake in Valentino from Qataris