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Futu Holdings stock jumped 6.8% in Monday morning trading after Bank of America's Merrill Lynch issued a rare double-upgrade on the Hong Kong-based fintech to Buy from Underperform due to more stable China regulations combined with its trough valuation…

Warren Buffett-backed group cements its dominance of domestic electric vehicle sector

Tie-up will give carmaker and ride-hailing group a better shot at profitability

Halving of stamp duty is part of authorities’ attempt to reinvigorate markets

Da Vinci project faced difficulties obtaining production licence from Beijing

Chinese property developer reveals first-half losses of $4.5bn and liabilities of $328bn

Gina Raimondo also stresses economic stability as vital for two countries’ $700bn of annual trade in visit to Beijing

Companies linked to troubled property and financial sectors expected to issue downbeat forecasts

Financial price moves are telling a different story to some of the more pessimistic forecasts for the country

Corporate updates document worries about weak post-pandemic recovery of world’s second-largest economy

“At the moment, given the level of poor sentiment, we can pick up world-class businesses at pretty attractive prices that are still growing earnings despite the headwinds that the economy is facing.”
Few have weathered the region’s recent downturn as w…

Delivering on this opportunity will require deliberate planning and action. Other countries are racing to attract investment and win their share of future green industries – the US, UK, EU, Japan, South Korea and Canada among them.
In rare earths, Aust…

An American criminology professor describes Romana Didulo as a 'mixture of QAnon conspiracy theories, pseudo-legal sovereign-citizen beliefs and new age spirituality'
Proclaiming herself as the 'Queen of Canada,' outspoken QAnon conspiracist lead Roman…

This week, the Russian space agency Roscosmos had hoped to return to the Moon after an absence of nearly 50 years. Instead, on Saturday it lost control of its Luna-25 lander. The agency explained the spacecraft “switched to an off-design orbit and ceas…