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Chinese regulators continue to restrict content and sales as younger rivals challenge

Any aggressive crackdown by Beijing risks sparking sharp backlash from Washington

Washington’s move comes two weeks after it withdrew from arms treaty

Online platforms cannot compete on price or convenience with offline sellers

Home improvement retailer dims expectations on US-China trade skirmish and lumber prices

It is high time for the EU to unlock the fiscal side of its macroeconomic armoury

Slump comes as the fuel faces increasing competition from cleaner, renewable energy

Trade officer was returning from trip to Shenzhen when he went missing

Revamped benchmark set 6 bps lower at 4.25% in bid to reduce funding costs

Trade deal between US and China will be difficult if there is violence in HK

Unrest in Hong Kong could accelerate weakening of the renminbi

Facebook and Twitter remove state-backed profiles ‘undermining protest movement’