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Robust earnings come as Chinese tech conglomerate prepares for new chairman

Latest move in trade battle reflects US president’s switch between confrontation and conciliation

Fund managers are sour on Trump’s tariff tactics.

Tech giant beats analyst expectations after Tencent disappointment

Indifference to pro-democracy protests highlights degeneration of US foreign policy

Thousands of paramilitary police gather in stadium on border with territory

Ownership of a US sports franchise should improve the Chinese e-commerce group’s image

Escalation of tensions follows comments from President Trump on China’s handling of Hong Kong

Bellwether group benefits from liberalisation affecting three times more volume than US-China tariffs

Hinkley Point partner CGN must seek rarely granted licence to import American knowhow

Exit follows a series of high-level departures and financial pressures as car deliveries halve

Backlash from Chinese consumers and authorities threatens Swire group profits

Geopolitical tension poised to hurt short term but longer term ‘robust’, group says

Investigation at Citic Bank unit looks at offshore credit of acquisitive groups

Fears over US trade war and Hong Kong protests are hurting wider sentiment

Breach of key threshold sees currency and its regulator face challenges on many fronts

Communist party leadership focuses on domestic policy, not trade war or decoupling