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Washington seeks to put intermediate-range weapons in region after treaty withdrawal

Investors must now guess how much pain the two countries will inflict on each other

Beijing issues strongest warning yet that it will not let financial hub sink into chaos

Nerves also soothed as renminbi steadies after falling through key floor

Beijing sees ‘managed float’ as key to stability, Washington sees it as manipulation

Were Beijing to sell off its Treasury holdings, extreme market volatility would follow

Beijing has pledged to ensure currency’s stability after letting it weaken

New Development Bank aims to double loan book and focus on local currency lending

Move comes after Beijing let renminbi fall through key level

Housing stimulus has been ruled out but economy will struggle with withdrawal symptoms

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets

S&P 500 ends 3% lower and bond yields plunge

Global oil benchmark falls amid sharp rise in trade tensions

Order issued to state-owned enterprises in retaliation for latest Trump tariffs

The drop through Rmb7 per dollar will have limited economic impact

Sector faces its worst day since January amid broad sell-off