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Aggregated China Business Blogs

When tariffs close a door in one place, they open a window elsewhere.

Yield on 10-year Treasury furthest below three-month bills since eve of financial crisis

Forty years of prosperity in the region are now under threat

Move comes as ride-hailing group seeks to raise funds as ‘capital winter’ chills tech sector

Investors ask why China’s central bank has allowed currency to weaken beyond symbolic threshold

By letting renminbi ‘crack seven’, Beijing has signalled near-term deal with US is unlikely 

Surge in remote casinos spark fears of tax avoidance and organised crime

China revenues may have perked up but the trade dispute spectre lingers over the iPhone

Shipments linked to CNPC in defiance of sanctions against Tehran

China’s central bank blames tariffs for move as Trump hits out at ‘major violation’

Deal less likely as both sides become more inflexible, say analysts

Political crisis deepens amid growing anti-government discontent among professionals