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Annual poll shows souring views towards Beijing and Washington

Shares in 3 of China’s largest lenders drop after report on US contempt of court ruling

Missed payments at Anxin are rare case of a failure playing out in the open

Export boom raises stakes for government accused of outsourcing deforestation

China will benefit if America forces the world to chose between them 

After a crackdown on foreign deals by Beijing, Chinese investors have all but disappeared from the market

Chinese ecommerce giant has lined up deep bench of talent ahead of chairman’s departure

Washington’s efforts to isolate Huawei could shut out US tech giants from the continent

Dam disaster, bad weather and booming steel demand push prices to five-year high

Censorship, misinformation and lack of contact widens gulf between neighbours

Conversation comes ahead of Trump and Xi’s G20 meeting

Living abroad subtly changes our personality and how we relate to our native culture

Households say domestic concerns far more worrying than US tariff actions

New York-based hedge fund group expands in Shanghai

US and European pharma groups benefit from cash-rich Chinese sector seeking new medicines