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Aggregated China Business Blogs

A tilt towards fast-growing Asian markets underpins bank’s restructuring strategy

The educational balance of payments is finally being accounted for.

Precious metal is benefiting from the trade clash between Washington and Beijing

Events have upended western assumptions about China’s path to democracy

Education ministry urges parents to make more careful assessments of the risks with trips

Sale of 51% stake comes as US ramps up pressure on the Chinese group

Baowu and Magang Steel combination could overtake ArcelorMittal as world’s top producer

Bond yields continued their descent amid escalation in trade tensions

Look at the indirect effects as well.

Jim Ratcliffe’s chemicals group seals first venture into Middle East

Beijing’s reaction to America’s assertion of power could reshape markets

Chinese giant is highly dependent on the US for chip design and other equipment

Move follows executive’s abrupt departure in March from Hong Kong-based brokerage

Unilateral US move against China will just serve to shift deficit elsewhere, says Japan finance minister

Trade war and material comforts rather than democracy define new generation

From batteries to motors and finished cars, Beijing expands its footprint

Industry body warns both cargo and passenger traffic will be hit by stand-off