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Competition with Beijing requires a comprehensive overhaul of EU policy

If there is to be a lasting struggle with China, the US public will have to consent

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Investors should heed the health warnings posing a risk to growth

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Chinese group partnering with carmakers to target 2021 launch of autonomous vehicles

Trump could use controversial law as excuse to revoke city’s special commercial status

Businesses are concerned that the law will erode the territory’s autonomy

Slowing globalisation and weaker economic growth blamed for pullback

Ex-China and India, growth in EM per-capita GDP has slowed significantly since 2015

Pork prices climbed further as herds hit by disease

Opponents shut down city in bid to block proposed law seen as threat to territory’s freedoms

Government ramrods lending market but companies reluctant to invest in weak economy

Beijing gets one of its stars back closer to home with secondary Hong Kong listing