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Visit will be first by a Chinese president to the country since 2005

Chinese telecoms group will ‘reduce production’ over next two years

One of country’s biggest SOEs shuts Swiss bank out of advising on major bond deal

Move plugs gap in key Chinese market after Scott Beaumont’s promotion in March

Lobby group warns tariffs could cost economy $1tn over next decade

Deutsche Bank prepares a deep overhaul of its trading operations

Companies often kowtow to criticism in China, but UBS should stand by its economist Paul Donovan

Prosecutors argue for go-ahead if Beijing gives guarantees on human rights

State-owned CRRC faces claims that its rail cars could be used for spying

If Tehran decides to sue for peace, supply could quickly begin to flow again

Chinese app plans assault on Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube

Shares had been hit by political uncertainty last week

Initiative will allow global investors to access shares in Chinese companies

Australian start-up taps machine learning for cross-border payment

The authorities should scrap the suspended extradition bill and investigate police tactics