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Data from services firm InterTrust add to fears that tensions could hit financial sector

Tendering scheme in 11 cities squeezes out anti-cholesterol drug Lipitor

Hong Kong listing would be boost for city that has had a lean year

Another gem China loves to import, while the West indulges in imitation jewellery.

Americans should think carefully about how to deal with their rising rival

Yi Gang says regulators can manage risk after Beijing takes over regional lender

Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said the US must accept Asia’s research strength

Equities head for year’s biggest monthly decline

Markets are pricing in an upsurge in volatility around summit encounter on trade dispute

Much-anticipated battle between news readers underwhelms viewers looking for a fight

Fast fashion and a more discerning Chinese buyer dent demand for the semi-precious gem

Chief executive Davide Traxler says half the lossmaking watch brand’s social media budget will go on China

National pride is changing attitudes, but Chinese watchmakers lack the marketing to compete with global rivals

The first international accord on AI development comes as countries grapple with the future of governance of the technology

Huawei ban sharpens focus but self-sufficiency is a long way off

Prices rising much faster than official estimates complicates policy outlook

Some fund managers have ditched companies that are vulnerable to US export bans

The IEEE has banned reviewers employed by tech company, sparking outrage in China