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World’s fourth largest smartphone maker beats expectations in the first quarter

Obstacle could become an opportunity for China’s smartphone makers

Failure highlights problem of opening up nation’s domestic commodity markets

Global index falls to lowest since early March as blacklisting of Chinese tech giant reverberates

Report reveals exploitation of women and girls has worsened as cybersex industry grows

Philip de Klerk to leave speciality materials maker as it ramps up turnround efforts

Latest survey shows 1 in 5 feel compelled to hand over technologies for market access

US intelligence chiefs have warned American companies about doing business in China

Chinese president’s state apparatus could help him to outlast Trump

Restriction forces Chinese tech giant to use basic version of operating system

Consumers in world’s biggest market flock to cheaper, longer-range models 

Classified briefings show increasingly hawkish stance as trade war continues

Liu Shiyu led Securities Regulatory Commission during one of worst market performances