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Car tariffs, Nafta and the WTO in the spotlight

New chart from Torsten Slok.

Slide continues in Asia after S&P 500 suffers biggest loss since January as Beijing raises tariffs

Meanwhile China wants to preserve the model of globalisation that has served it well

President said Beijing would be ‘hurt very badly’ if country does not agree to a trade deal

Trump threat to impose more taxes across the board could cut Chinese exports to US by a third if followed through

Weakness in Chinese currency raises questions over Beijing’s tactics in trade spat

Plan to ship surplus to ‘starving countries’ pushes further into uncharted territory

Equities face heaviest sell-off since December 2018

Currency faces worst drop since summer of 2018 amid mounting concerns over trade dispute

After three decades of strong growth, the world’s second-largest economy has entered a phase of slowdown. The FT examines the implications for business and society.

Trump’s top economic advisor raises the prospect of a face-to-face encounter between the US president and Xi Jinping

Strong support for state-owned companies is weighing down on the dynamic private sector

Your daily briefing on the news

Fears on job losses and US protectionism prompt Seoul to consider joining trade bloc