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Surveillance tools are for sale to whoever can afford them

Geneticist to work with local group on regulatory approval for ‘elite’ animals

Duo were detained shortly after Huawei’s CFO arrested in Vancouver

Chinese telecoms group will need to look elsewhere to procure key components

Democracy advocate’s sentence reduced to 2 months after losing appeal

Chinese group may be prevented from buying or selling parts in US as trade war escalates

The current standoff is part of a struggle for global pre-eminence

FT readers share their views on the future of the world’s second-largest economy

But connectivity, rather than control, is the true route to success

Monthly bond offloads were heaviest in more than two years ahead of fractious trade talks

Company’s own product increases kept to a minimum due to its broad supply chain

Slowing growth in jobs and wages comes as household debt is increasing dramatically

The US wants a crackdown on IP theft, but China is also increasing its own innovation

Mike Mackenzie’s daily analysis of what’s moving global markets