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Islamabad accuses Washington of using its need for funds to try to limit Chinese investment

Eric Garcetti says it is vital for local US leaders to reach out to key investment partners

Tencent in correction territory after dropping nearly 25% from January peak

Beijing’s crackdown in restive Xinjiang region puts central Asian neighbours on edge

Chief of EM bank says it could benefit from higher Chinese trade with other regions

Uber, Bird and Lime outline potential consequences of such as move

Plan to spend $35bn loan from China on new power stations looks set to continue under Khan

Air monitors, purifiers and apps find an audience outside Beijing

Cheetah Mobile’s apps generate most revenue abroad

Shares tumble after profit margins squeezed as Mexico and China impose tariffs

The cause of political freedom in south-east Asia is not yet lost

Costly flirtation with the sport highlights role of politics in overseas investment

Metal prices provide a grim prognosis for global growth