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Government yet to respond to market volatility and economic weakness 

Rules over industrial sectors relaxed as Beijing sweetens appeal to international businesses

Nation’s pollution levels have fallen from recent highs, but new data shows they are on the rise again

Analysts say slowing domestic demand poses a bigger threat to long-term growth

Beijing presents itself as a responsible partner in international commerce

A look beyond the propaganda will show that the system is no model for the world

Trade and economic worries have dealt the yuan a hefty blow

Letter demanding action by education secretary ‘ill-informed’, says executive

Xi Jinping tells Jim Mattis that China will not yield ‘one inch’ of disputed maritime area

Dollar index hovers near 2018 high; sterling below $1.31 as EU summit starts

First-tier city sales fall but prices continue rising as consumers turn more bullish

Trade war a sideshow to bigger concerns about tight credit and poor data

Hints of a slowdown highlight the risks posed by US protectionism