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Aggregated China Business Blogs

Office space provider draws new backing from SoftBank, its Vision Fund and Temasek

Renters are marginalised as overpriced housing remains an irresistible lure 

As Europe wins a reprieve over trade the portents for Beijing have commensurately darkened

Too often progress at the WTO has been held up by states pursuing narrow interests

Telecoms equipment maker pins hopes on 5G spending picking up later in the year

US company’s unexpected rebuff seen as unfortunate consequence of trade tension

Apparent attacker injured but no others hurt in incident, authorities say

Trump’s bluster heralds bullish upside for markets

Telecoms equipment maker’s ‘shortcomings’ could leave Britain vulnerable to cyber attacks

Investor day cancelled as overseas sales woes add to pressure on carmaker

New tariffs on hold while talks are held on eliminating barriers