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Aggregated China Business Blogs

Westinghouse-designed plant was supposed be start of technology transfer partnership

Roosevelt’s Commodity Credit Corp could help soyabean growers cope with Chinese tariffs

Low foreign currency reserves and short-term debt a concern for part of the region 

Private equity group fails to produce funds to close the deal

Workers earning less than $45,000 a year to gain most from across-the-board reduction

European bourses endure testing start to the second half

A long-distance grid could link large-scale solar plants to the rest of Europe

Glut of shopping centres enables retail brands to negotiate lower rents

British academic ejected from board after writing essay critical of Communist party

Gathering of ‘16+1’ grouping this week indicates Beijing’s ambitions in region

Fund to look at global deals even amid concern over inflated tech valuations

US should not acquiesce to Chinese dominance of the South China Sea