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BTC China, one of the largest Bitcoin virtual currency trading platforms in China, announced that the company has completed its first-round financing and gained total investments of USD5 million from Lightspeed China Partners and US-based Lightspeed Venture Partners. According to statistics provided by, over the past few weeks, BTC China's trading volume exceeded Mt. […]

In this episode of China Money Podcast, returning guest and veteran investor Jim Rogers, chairman of Rogers Holdings, talked with our host Nina Xiang on his reading of China's third plenum meeting, why China should open its financial markets completely "this afternoon", and what Chinese stocks he has been buying lately. Read an excerpt below, […]

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The one-child policy has distorted China’s demographic structure, leading to concerns the country will get old before it gets rich

Reforms amount to a significant, albeit indirect, challenge to state companies across a range of industries, chipping away at their privileges

Many advanced economies must still address the end of the pre-crisis growth pattern generated by excessive domestic demand. In such economies, that pattern not only typically depended on leverage; it also enlarged the non-tradable side of the economy a…

Since the euro’s introduction in 1999, Germany has run persistent current-account surpluses, averaging $200 billion a year, or almost 6% of GDP. But, until recently, attention has focused on China's similarly large surpluses, while Germany's have largely escaped scrutiny.

Wal-Mart plans to expand its existing distribution center in Shenzhen to 300,000 square meters as it more closely adheres to its model in America and other developed countries. In the future, the retailer will build more distribution centers, which are expected to put into use in 2014. A strong supply chain is the core competitiveness […]

Digital China Networks, a subsidiary of Digital China Group, has unveiled its cloud data center product series. The new products include high-end switches, load balancing products, and wireless control applications. DCN is not only the name of the company, but it is also the brand name of this new product series. It is the only […]

Country may not be hamstrung by a democratic system, but pushing through what the Communist Party grandees are proposing will be tricky and take time

It is hard to believe that either Beijing or Tokyo actually wants a war. The bigger risk is that military posturing will lead to an accidental clash

Local Chinese governments are moving services to the cloud, and Inspur Group is making gains in this area. Inspur Group and the municipal government of Jinan just signed an agreement for the joint construction of an administrative cloud computing center, making it the first comprehensive service outsourcing e-government cloud platform in China. Financial terms of […]

Chinese reforms imply big changes for commodities pricing, not just consumers