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Experts say Chinese military has a long way to go before it can perform overseas relief operations at the level that the US, Japan and Australia do

The Communist party wants to make it easier to sell some land, but experts say the plan will not lead to the introduction of individual property rights

With Saudi Arabia's political influence diminishing, and its oil wealth set to wane in the coming years, the country seems destined for national decline. But there is another possibility: a more representative political system, together with strong economic incentives, could unleash the young population’s creativity and dynamism.

The real heroes of the world economy – the role models that others should emulate – are countries that have done relatively well while running only small external imbalances. These countries do not garner many headlines, but, without them, the global economy would be even less manageable than it already is.

The author is Nomura economist Zhiwei Zhang The Chinese-language Economic Information Daily (owned by the Xinhua News Agency), reports that yesterday the National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII) adopted new, more restrictive, rules on bond issuance by local government financing vehicles (LGFVs) and infrastructure-related enterprises. The NAFMII, under the leadership of the People's […]

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Shanghai, November 13, 2013 / – – When a company is accused of bribery, stakeholders worry about the long-term effect on the business. And more attention has recently been focused on the machinations of corruption, bribery, corporate malfeasance, and fraud in Asia. This year continues to be extraordinarily eventful in the global fight against … >>>

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Communiqué at the end of the four-day plenum reinforces Jinping’s reformist rhetoric, signalling an eventual end to state-mandated prices

Plenum offers faint clues about specific reforms, hinting that bland rhetoric is likely to be a precursor to bold action and far-reaching change