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Pharmaceutical group tries to build an image as a corporate good guy through Health Express, which gives basic health education to schoolchildren

Myanmar has moved from a virtual client state of China, throwing itself open to change and reform, with Beijing struggling to understand its mistakes

SHANGHAI stocks declined today, dragged down by property developers, amid concern about the economic outlook and market liquidity.

NEW home supply more than doubled in Shanghai last week as real estate developers hurried to capitalize ahead of the annual slack season, market data showed.

AVIRE, a leading elevator safety and communication systems provider, expects China's demand for elevator light curtains will grow 10 percent annually as the country builds more high-rise buildings.

SHANGHAI'S inflation growth eased in May while economic activity strengthened, indicating resilience in the city's economy as the national economy stutters along.

CHINA'S top banking regulator said today it will continue to provide policy support to city commercial banks as they may have reached a plateau in development.

Education News China Blog says: Announcer: The curtain falls on another year’s gaokao, and the top scorers on this year’s test are soon to emerge. Facing attention from the media and pressure from society, what path should this special group…

CHINESE banks scrambled for credit card business and customers who need to make cross-border payments while travelling overseas as China is poised to become the world's biggest outbound travel market this year.

Chen Guangcheng, the Chinese activist who escaped to US in 2012, claims New York University’s move to ask him to leave is result of Beijing pressure

SHANGHAI stocks inched up this morning, led by shipbuilders, while cement producers and distilleries declined.

Shenzhen's government announces that it will launch China's first pilot carbon trading program for cutting greenhouse gas emissions on June 18. The pilot program will allow 635 local industrial enterprises and over 200 large public buildings to partici…

Half a year after U.S.-based Dun & Bradstreet Corporation's Chinese subsidiary was fined CNY1 million and four of its China executives received jail sentences for improperly collecting data, the company has added a director with some China experience. D&B last week announced that Thomas J. Manning was appointed to D&B's board of directors on June […]

According to Patrizio Bertelli, president of Prada Group, the Italian luxury brand plans to open nearly 80 new specialty stores in 2013, including one flagship store in Milan and 12 stores in China. Prada Group just held its general meeting of sharehol…

China's Alibaba Group announced the launch of an intern training plan, aiming to recruit 102 interns around the world and provide one-on-one training by business leaders and executives within the organization. According to Alibaba, interns who particip…

Chinese college students graduating this summer attend a job fair at INTEX Shanghai yesterday. A record 6.99 million students from China's colleges and universities will graduate this year, 190,000 more than last summer, Du Yubo, vice education ministe…

GIANT Interactive has invested in a Beijing-based mobile game developer as the online game giant aims to diversify into the booming mobile game sector at a time when its traditional online game revenue is slowing. The investment in Dijiang Network is S…

EUROPE is mired in debt and recession. Financial markets have hit violent ups and downs on fears that US stimulus efforts may soon be scaled back. Japan is finally looking up after years of stagnation, but it remains an open question if the recovery will stick.