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Member of legal team says Snowden underestimated difficulties he faced in former British colony. ‘He didn’t realise matter would be so complicated’

Chen Guangcheng, the activist lawyer who fled to the US last year, uses his trip to Taipei to draw regional attention to human rights in China

NEW home sales rose to a nearly three-month high in Shanghai last week and the unexpected surge might put June's overall volume well above 1 million square meters for only the third time this year.

THE People's Bank of China said there's enough liquidity in the banking system and lenders should strengthen risk control and liquidity management to maintain financial market stability, a signal the central bank does not plan to inject funds.

The White House tells Hong Kong it is ‘disappointed’ as Edward Snowden departs city even as legal experts say it merely upheld its own law

SHANGHAI stocks posted the biggest daily loss in nearly four years as financial institutions continue to face a liquidity squeeze while the central bank signaled it had no intention of loosening restrictions.

An investor is seen at a trading hall of a securities firm in Shanghai, June 24, 2013. Chinese shares plunged on Monday and closed below a key psychological mark over worries about the liquidity crunch in the financial system and subdued strength in th…

China's top audit office on Monday revealed its own problems, reporting about 24.04 million yuan (3.89 million U.S. dollars) of "flawed funds" in 2012.

CHINESE shares plunged on Monday and closed below a key psychological mark over worries about the liquidity crunch in the financial system and subdued strength in the world's second largest economy.

SHANGHAI stocks plunged this morning as financial institutions continued to suffer a liquidity squeeze while the central bank held back from bailing them out.

Microsoft has signed an anti-piracy agreement with HP and Samsung to ensure the installation of genuine Windows and Office software on their PCs sold in the Chinese market. Microsoft previously announced this agreement when the company launched its lat…

Economist reports: TEN years ago, the yuan made its debut as a global economic bugbear. In June 2003, America’s then treasury secretary, John Snow, publicly encouraged China to loosen a policy under which its currency was pegged at 8.28 to…

Taiwan's Uni-president Group recently announced plans to acquire Shanghai Huiyuan, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huiyuan Juice, for CNY300 million. According to the Taiwanese company, they will only purchase Huiyuan's plant in Shanghai and establish it …

Beijing has its work cut out in dealing with credit bubble without either precipitating a collapse or closing off credit flows to productive businesses

CHINA may adjust monetary policy as needed while seeking more efficient use of the nation's financial resources amid a cash squeeze in the banking system that risks exacerbating an economic slowdown.

BANK of England Governor Mervyn King and his Chinese counterpart Zhou Xiaochuan have agreed to a three-year currency swap line to promote financial stability and trade between China and Britain.

A system glitch suffered by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China paralyzed its over-the-counter, ATM and online trading in several cities in the country yesterday, sparking talk that it has run out of money before the bank issued a clarification later.