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Yang Weidong 'assisting mainland authorities with investigation' following arrest

Improvement in Sino-American relations eases pressure on currency

Bulls seize upon signs that near-decade-long run of gains is not over just yet

Metal has bounced 2% to $6,352 a tonne following the G20 meeting

Beijing has not confirmed Donald Trump's tweet related to auto duties and agricultural purchases

Parents follow lead of Xi Jinping to seek education steeped in traditional values

Making China feel like a country under siege risks causing cold, or even hot, war

Group to invest in special purpose acquisition companies to meet pent-up demand for IPOs

Dollar and Treasury yields decline as optimism wavers, while oil extends gains

Larry Kudlow's bullish remarks though fail to answer questions over specifics

Reliance on foreign equipment makers leaves Chinese chip plants exposed

Streaming service wants to list in New York in mid-December

, by contrast, has less to worry about.If the truce lasts, luxury sector shares may be the first to rise out of the trenches

The chance that Beijing will rapidly adopt wholesale changes is small

Even trying to do so risks strengthening the most anti-American elements in Beijing