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Dollar rebounds after midweek slide; oil prices resume downward path

The country must still grapple with lacklustre credit growth.

Leaders to meet for dinner at this weekend’s G20 gathering in Buenos Aires

Officials discuss holding further talks in Washington in December if deal is agreed

Slowing economy weakens Beijing’s ability to withstand US pressure

Many drivers unaware regulations mean government can constantly track them

The controversy over the brand’s show in Shanghai served as a timely lesson in the pitfalls of pursuing the global market

Fears rise of debt debilitating countries that most need big works projects

2008 crisis gave summits a potency unlikely to be regained in Trump era

Region’s decade of promise ends in upheaval, yet hope remains

Problems overshadow host’s moment of prestige

Forum has ‘done much of what it set out to and offers voice to developing economies’

This year’s soft patch shows signs of being longer lasting