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In countries where pupils respect teachers, school achievement scores are highest

None of the fundamental problems between the two countries was really solved

Shinzo Abe will reduce tensions if he can, but the Asian superpower is a potent threat

Jamil Anderlini says Trump created leverage out of thin air

Beijing has agreed to many concessions but Trump has merely agreed to postpone tariffs

Tea and greenery offer relaxation in this hub of industries old and new

Reduction would be the first firm concession from Beijing following G20 trade truce

Car and tech stocks rebound but concerns remain over long-term resolution

Treasury secretary demands 'specific dates, specific action' in talks following truce

The business community warns that Beijing's steps to silence critics threaten the rule of law

Beijing gains ever more influence over global markets; air pollution ranks high in Asia ESG challenges; emerging middle offers bumper payday for fund managers; EM bargains rise to the surface; Asian winners in the US-China trade spat

Despite some collateral damage, the spat could be a blessing in disguise for some countries

Inflows into China's stocks and bonds have caught up with foreign direct investment