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Evergrande, a massive developer, is investing in electric cars and autodealers.

Slowing of world’s growth engine likely to be long lasting

US president offers views in rambling, often incoherent press conference at UN

Two new books do an admirable job of judging the communist superpower on its own terms

Prices keep rising but developers warn sales are down as government steps up pressure

Courses on the country’s ambitious programme and its implications are springing up

The shift from sending students overseas to offering MBAs at home is speeding up

Many choose to return from overseas to take advantage of new courses and China’s dynamism

Fast rising demand in Asia for MBAs has shifted emphasis from exporting students to western business schools to developing more in the region. China, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia are among those leading the way

Mainland offers competitive MBA courses and chance to network

Competition looms from China, Hong Kong and south-east Asia

Diversity subtly and positively changes the dynamic in classroom discussions

Tour guides bringing busloads of big spenders are being replaced by smart marketing

Good omen for luxury resale market as perceptions of pre-owned goods shift

China will account for an estimated two-fifths of luxury sales by 2024