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Aggregated China Business Blogs

Investors and regulators can be sure of twists worthy of Jack Bauer in TV thriller ‘24’

More than 300,000 soldiers take part in manoeuvres in a show of strength and friendship

Lender seeks to freeze assets after several failed attempts to talk to conglomerate

Tencent-backed company to kick off trading as one of country’s most valuable tech stocks

Default comes as liquidity strains loom again

The implosion of the western banking system was a stroke of good fortune

Greenback holds steady on news, as oil benchmarks pull back slightly

New Zealand’s biggest company announces review of all assets and partnerships

Authorities seek to fix pension shortfall without overburdening companies’ tax outlay

President undercuts treasury secretary’s efforts to rekindle negotiations with Beijing

Capital account controls reduce forex pressure but tariff and dollar moves are key

Beijing is sending mixed messages on credit, but any real change to debt stock will be slow

Building a long-term relationship has big advantages for both Beijing and Moscow