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Washington has overestimated the fragility of Beijing’s domestic economy

Beijing dominates global supply of strategic elements needed for smartphones

Latest action by US offers some clarity to market already hit by trade war fears

Beijing will explore new ways to hurt Washington, including a refusal to buy its debt

Investor appetite helps Haidilao price shares at top of range for $12bn valuation

Beijing slaps duties of up to 10 per cent on $60bn of American imports

Google in China; nursery rhymes; the Apple Watch; Lehman; and more.

Victor Mallet on the Chinese reaction to the latest round of US tariffs

Moscow keen to sew up banking ties with Beijing as US-China relationship frays

Bahrain-listed group joins global investors chasing fast-growing unicorns

CGN bows to political sensitivities as it lays out plans for Bradwell

Treasuries and Bunds sell off; Brent oil heads towards $80 a barrel

Half of the country’s exports to the US to be hit, punishing Beijing — and consumers