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China Money Network's DealShot provides detailed information on venture capital and private equity deals in China on a daily basis. Here you can find out where Chinese investors have been investing their money each workday.
DealShot: 12 Deals Exc…

Analysts pin hopes on post-Covid reopening and retail sales recovery

China’s central bank sets midpoint of trading band at lowest level since global financial crisis

And crypto’s eerie calm

Communicating with foreign audiences will become more difficult as internal party discipline hardens

Tiger Global and Baillie Gifford among investors of companies hit by Monday’s market tumble

Rich citizens fearing high taxes and personal safety move capital out of country and arrange residences overseas

Action by Department of Justice comes as Washington takes aim at Beijing’s ‘violation of international laws’

Loyalist hierarchy dominated by the president will mean more divergence from the west

President stacks elite political body with loyalists as he tightens his grip on power