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Neha Palmer helped Google build data centers that operate on 100% renewable energy. Don’t bet against TeraWatt Infrastructure, the startup Palmer co-founded, doing the same thing on a four-state electric truck charging corridor along Interstate 10 in the American Southwest.

The corridors are coming

Startup TeraWatt’s announcement Thursday of a Long Beach, California, to El Paso, Texas, corridor of high-speed charging stations for electric trucks will cost hundreds of millions.

A startup's big bet on a Southwest electric truck corridor comes via

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About the author: Seth Cropsey is the founder and president of Yorktown Institute. He served as a naval officer and as deputy Undersecretary of the Navy and is the author of Mayday and Seablindness.

The Biden administration published its National Security Strategy late last week.

Biden's National Security Strategy Tries to Make Everything a Security Issue comes via

TikTok CEO Vanessa Pappas at a U.S. Capitol hearing Sept. 14, 2022. A new report Friday found TikTok failed to detect and remove 90% of political disinformation ads in a test done by Global Witness and the Cybersecurity for Democracy team at NYU.

It is now clear that the Chinese Communist party no longer rules out the possibility of war in the foreseeable future

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As nations retreat behind borders, a new global order offers new opportunities, argues Rana Foroohar — if we are willing to embrace them

There is diminishing faith in the few economic indicators that, after years of obfuscation, still see the light of day

Communist party and private sector share an uncomfortable relationship

Greens and FDP urge chancellor not to repeat ‘mistakes of the past’ by selling Hamburg infrastructure to Chinese company