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Data suggesting Covid wave under control in China has lifted sentiment, analysts say

China Money Network's DealShot provides detailed information on venture capital and private equity deals in China on a daily basis. Here you can find out where Chinese investors have been investing their money each workday.
DealShot: 23 Deals Bre…

Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management reveals it repurchased shares in ecommerce group

Solving puzzles in return for digital coins has become more profitable as competitors exit

For one thing, Big Tech’s rush to create one-stop shops on your phone’s home screen is annoying for the user

China's industrial robot output surges 60% in Jan-Jul Chinese industrial robot sales have been on a growth trend this year. With the price increase in raw materials such as various parts and components of industrial robots, the robot prices have …

Despite improvements, offshore investors with weaker bargaining power remain at a disadvantage

Clean energy supply is no longer the big hurdle, rather the entire economy needs to be retooled