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The Indian Supreme Court’s refusal to uphold the patent on Gleevec, the blockbuster cancer drug developed by the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Novartis, is good news for many of those in India suffering from cancer. If other developing countries follow India’s example, it will be good news elsewhere, too.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s economic agenda seems to be working for his country. The question now is whether Abenomics can achieve its goals without destabilizing the world economy, especially neighboring Asian economies.

WSJ reports: Business groups raised alarms Thursday about a provision in the recently enacted government spending bill, making it harder for some federal agencies to buy technology made in China. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and 10 technology trade groups…

In a meeting with Chinese and international business leaders, the new president pledges to step up protection of intellectual property rights announced that it has cooperated with FamilyMart retail convenience stores in the launch of a pick-up service in Shanghai. Nearly 100 pick-up sites will be launched in the first wave, covering most areas in the city. Yao Zhongen, vice preside…

Rampant Chinese demand for foreign-made baby milk has forced UK and Australia grocers to limit sales to two tins of infant milk formula at a time

Trade reflects rising distrust of formula made in China and forced manufacturers to rethink their business models

CALIFORNIA Governor Jerry Brown has designs on building some of the most expensive public works projects in the United States and wants to keep the state moving forward in its slow recovery from the recession.

CHINA'S big banks are not delivering on their promise to lend more to the smallest firms and are instead "faking" their micro loans, a researcher said, suggesting a government drive to increase micro-lending is struggling.

A help wanted sign is seen in front of a restaurant in Richmond, Virginia, in the United States. A streak of robust job growth came to a halt in March, signaling that US employers may have grown cautious in a fragile economy. The gain of 88,000 jobs wa…

Tencent President Liu Chiping yesterday said the company's WeChat software will remain free, in response to netizens' complaints about the possibility of being charged for using the mobile chat application.

SUCCESSIVE Slovenian governments have refused to privatize the country's banks, which made disastrous loans to politically connected business interests and now threaten to drag the country center stage in the eurozone debt crisis.

AS Nokia claws its way back into the smartphone market with its Lumia handsets, it risks missing the next big trend as consumers shift toward a category the Finnish company has neglected: big-screen handhelds.