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Beijing’s Strong Nation Transport platform will target Communist party members and state workers

Caution should now be applied to local gambling stocks

First debt issuance under China’s new rules to improve access to country’s onshore capital markets

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DealShot: 12 Deals Wor…

Russian supplies and Beijing’s policies represent ‘two wild cards’ of 2023

Stronger numbers from Japan and Europe not enough to offset hit to luxury goods group

Former Suncity boss is highest-profile target of Beijing’s crackdown on VIP gambling and capital outflows

China’s authoritarian leader fails to fulfil the promise he once showed at Davos

Rumours of the demise of international business and trade have been exaggerated

The suspicion is that President Biden’s competition imperative will take precedence over his co-operative one

The tech giant increasingly finds itself beholden to America’s biggest geopolitical rival. But is diversification even possible?

Mom-and-pop enterprises crucial to driving post-Covid revival after GDP expansion slows in 2022

Beijing’s loosening of Covid restrictions and its move to ease regulatory crackdown have boosted shares

‘Detroit of south-east Asia’ courts investment from both of Asia’s giants

Upbeat mood at World Economic Forum as China reopens and data suggest that Europe will avoid deep recession