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Regulator U-turn aims to ease real estate sector credit crunch and boost growth

Western alliance members must increase protection of strategic industries and technologies, says US

The business-friendly leader was regarded as less dictatorial than his predecessors

Demand has been weak for Hong Kong listings — a factor that should temper the Chinese insurer’s price expectations

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DealShot: 16 Deals Wor…

Communist leader oversaw radical reforms and formalised two-term limit

Lockdowns triggered demonstrations but economic anxiety threatens to drive further unrest

And the business cycle is turning

Transatlantic security body discussed how to make Beijing aware of consequences of any military action

Chinese government steps up push to use Risc-V in move aimed at boosting domestic production of semiconductors

US ambassador urges Beijing not to interfere with protests against coronavirus lockdowns

More businesses are ‘Singapore-washing’ as US-China relations deteriorate

So much of global supply chains and manufacturing ecosystem is tied to the ‘world’s factory’

In today’s newsletter we cover how Beijing has tried to distance itself from the crisis

Beijing should begin to move from tight controls to mass vaccination

Expansion of forces comes as Washington grows increasingly concerned about rival powers