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As China's dominant social networking and gaming company, Tencent is also an investment powerhouse. From 2021 to year-to-date 2022, China Money Network recorded 76 venture and other investment deals that Tencent participated in. The aggregate dea…

Sudden nature of move threatens to have bigger, lasting impact on local equities and investor confidence

China Money Network's DealShot provides detailed information on venture capital and private equity deals in China on a daily basis. Here you can find out where Chinese investors have been investing their money each workday.
DealShot: 17 Deals Ecl…

China’s financial centre hit by panic buying ahead of public transport shutdown and mass testing

HSBC has repeatedly edited its analysts’ reports to remove references to a 'war' in Ukraine

What brought the FBI to arrest a Chinese-American scientist in the middle of the night?

Systemic risk in the property sector and early signs of Japanification threaten both its economy and alliances