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China-US tensions heighten risk of mishaps spilling over into war

Soaring demand means companies must scramble for batteries and their key ingredients

Iron ore exports to China have soared despite political tensions but that boom looks set to stutter

Region has become world’s busiest staging ground for military rivalry between Beijing and liberal democracies

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Business owners struggle to keep going as officials impose electricity curbs on manufacturers

Property sector crisis mounts as deadline passes for Chinese developer’s $148m coupon payments

The launch means there are now four ETFs tracking the narrow theme, all of which listed in the past six months

Huawei sets up four smart corps including data center energy, smart PV and others Huawei recently announced the official establishment of four corps, including Customs and Port Corps, Smart Highway Corps, Data Center Energy Corps, and Smart Photovoltai…

Auditors face rising reputational and legal risks in dealing with Chinese companies

Floods worsen China energy crisis, KKR co-founders step down, Kim calls for better living standards in North Korea