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Ride-hailing group received multiple requests from regulator before its IPO to remove sensitive locations

The status of the financial tourists has always been ambiguous

Wall Street finds out about known unknowns.

SoftBank and Tencent-backed Keep’s move comes as China cracks down on ride-hailing group

Beijing reins back its infrastructure ambitions but Washington and Brussels fail to plug the gap

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DealShot: 19 Deals Bre…

Hang Seng index down 13% since February peak after ride-hailing group’s IPO debacle

US government bonds set for sharpest weekly advance in more than a year

White House wants to reduce reliance on China for critical materials but environmentalists have raised objections

State-backed Comac’s C919 nears commercial approval as trade tensions rise with the west

One year on, long-cherished norms such as the right to bail and to trial by jury are under attack

Nexperia buyout of south Wales-based Newport Wafer Fab referred for investigation

UCloud launches two AI products in face recognition temperature measurement and edge computing Today, UCloud has announced the release of two series of new AI products in Face Recognition Temperature Measurement and Edge Computing. The "Face Recognitio…