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Move comes after government concerns over commodities rally that has pushed up factory gate prices

Investors on edge as woes at Inter Milan owner fuel concern over risks in financial sector

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DealShot: 22 Deals Exc…

Military presence may accompany the extension of the Belt and Road Initiative to Afghanistan

US alliance with Philippines is key to containing Beijing in Pacific but pact is under threat

China's first "blockchain + digital RMB" application scenario landed Recently, Bank of China Hebei Xiongan Branch cooperated with China Xiongan Group Digital City Technology Co., Ltd. to realize the first “on-chain” digital RMB salary payment in …

Market is becoming inundated as farmers slaughter pigs on fears prices will continue to fall

Vicious cycle of monitoring and overwork is fuelling productivity — and a backlash

Beijing uses incursions to express ire over warnings from west on cross-Strait friction