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Dispute comes as two parties prepare to meet over controversial TAV rail link

Rome appears intent on winning goodwill and investment from Beijing

Italy and others should recognise the Belt and Road Initiative's geopolitical goals

But Li Keqiang warns of a "tough struggle" ahead

New research shows China's economy is 12 per cent smaller than official figures say …

Korean carmaker lays off or transfers 2,000 workers from its Beijing factories

Beijing statisticians 'do not have capacity' to correct inflated local figures

Bloc seeks more coherent stance and deeper co-operation with Beijing

Chairman of Chinese telecoms group says Congress acted as 'judge, jury and executioner'

Introduction of fresh competition is part of efforts to curb ride-hailing and P2P sectors

Meng Wanzhou makes new court appearance in fight to avoid extradition to US

Shares were heading for the worst day in a decade

Distributors unprepared for run on quality brands as economic woes fail to hit demand