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Beijing under pressure from carmakers who say they need more time to comply

JD Power survey shows drastic reduction in problems with domestic brands

More sanctions will not, by themselves, curb Pyongyang’s nuclear ambitions

Regulator says ‘government won’t give money’ to help ChemChina buy Swiss seed company Syngenta

Tax deferrals and cheap loans offered to groups affected by sanctions over US missile shield

China Telecom added 2.66 million new mobile users in August, reaching a total of 235.49 million users. China Telecom added …

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC has signed an agreement with Alphabet subsidiary Google to sell some of its mobile phone businesses …

Chinese mobile game developer and operator Dome announced plans to acquire Letv Game in cash; however, no financial details were …

Sector and style performance the mirror image of previous dollar sell-offs

The FTCR China Real Estate Index rises, but to weakest September level on record

Mainland China is fast outpacing Hong Kong, however

Financial and aesthetic mergers are mingling the tastes of Europe and China

Compare starting salaries and other important data supplied by top schools in the region

Chinese schools open up opportunities unavailable in the West