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Three years ago the likes of Belle and Stella were expanding sales, but growth has stalled and the focus has turned to profitability

Among the lessons to be learned from the events of 1914 is to be wary of analysts wielding historical analogies, particularly if they have a whiff of inevitability. War is never inevitable, though the belief that it is can become one of its causes.

The start of 2014 marks ten years since we began fretting about global imbalances, and specifically about the chronic trade and current-account imbalances of the US and China. A decade later, we can happily declare that the era of global imbalances is …

U.S.-based Axalta Coating Systems is balancing its expansion of liquid and powder coatings manufacturing in China with a push for sustainable technology education. The Axalta Sustainable Technology Education Program will be part of a global education program and marks Axalta's first corporate social responsibility program in China as an independent company. Axalta will provide an […]

CR Vanguard, the supermarket operator under China Resources Group, will continue to enhance its expansion in 2014 and plans to open 78 new stores in East China. In 2003, CR Vanguard opened its first outlet in Hangzhou. After 11 years of development, the company currently has over 351 stores in East China. CR Vanguard's new […]

U.S. Cooper Tire & Rubber Company says it hopes to work with local labor unions in China to solve some problems it has been having in Shandong. Last year, workers at the Cooper Chengshan Tire plant were upset with a potential merger with Apollo Tyre, so the workers left their jobs. When they finally returned […]

Chinese C2C e-commerce website formally published an online notice stating that starting from January 14, 2014, the website will ban the sale of Bitcoins as well as Bitcoin mining machines. said that based on the related regulations and policies of China, the company will adjust its prohibited product management practices accordingly, adding virtual […]