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Newly appointed US Treasury secretary Jack Lew tackles the issue at a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang during a visit to Beijing

China’s national balance sheet, which boasts positive net assets, has garnered significant attention in recent years. But, to assess China’s debt risk accurately, policymakers and economists must consider the risks that lie in the country's asset structure, as well as liabilities that are not included on its balance sheet.

Shanghai stocks soared today, with the key index posting the biggest gain in more than two months.

Factories are finding it hard to hire workers, partly because of the decline in the working age population, and are investing in incentives

VOLKSWAGEN is to begin a massive car recall in China to address long-standing gearbox safety issue, the country's top quality watchdog said today.

Chinese telecom operator China Mobile published its annual financial report for 2012, stating that the company's operating revenue was CNY560.4 billion, a year-on-year increase of 6.1%; and its profit attributable to shareholders was CNY129.3 billion, …

Aleks Eror writes: It’s not exactly news that China is setting itself up as a new global superpower, is it? While Western civilization chokes on its own gluttony like a latter-day Marlon Brando, China continues to buy up American debt…

THE latest twists in Europe's debt drama weighed down the stock market yesterday, offsetting more good news on the US housing market.

THE price of oil fell yesterday as Cyprus lawmakers rejected a measure to tax bank accounts as part of a bailout plan for its shriveled economy and worries persisted about Europe's debt problems.

Chinese search engine company Baidu Inc. reportedly intends to acquire the lifestyle information provider Rumors swirling on the Internet revealed that Baidu's valuation of is about USD100 million. Initial public offerings of Chi…

Italian fashion brand Giorgio Armani opened a new store in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, marking a new milestone for the brand's development in this international shopping paradise. This new store has two floors and an area of over 950 square meters. On th…

Ten thousand dead animals polluting a river illustrates how far the nation has to go before the ‘Chinese dream’ is realised, says Patti Waldmeir

The wave of money finding its way to Silicon Valley is part of a general surge of capital leaving China, says Henny Sender