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In China, an artificial intelligence becomes a prosecutor
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An AI capable of identifying crimes and proposing the corresponding sentence has been tested in Shanghai.
Chinese researchers have developed the first prosecutor using artificial intelligence. Tested in a district of Shanghai , this AI is able to identify 8 types of common crimes including fraud, dangerous driving, aggression and obstructing the action of law enforcement agencies. le «South China Morning Post» . The AI is based on an existing program, System 206, already used by Chinese prosecutors to assess the dangerousness and risk of recidivism of criminals.
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But this new version goes much further: it is capable of identifying and not taking into account the irrelevant data of a case and above all of proposing a sentence, ranging from fine to prison, for criminals ” with an accuracy of 97% ”assure the researchers in an article published by“ Management Review ”. But this prospect is not without worrying certain magistrates and lawyers: “Despite this clarification announced, the risk of error is always possible. What will happen if the AI wrongly sends someone to jail? Who will take on this responsibility? The magistrate, the machine or the designer of the algorithm? ” asks a prosecutor on condition of anonymity in the “South China Morning Post”.

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