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China: Chilean Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters Partners with Pinduoduo to Host Peak Cherry Season
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On December 22, the Cherry Committee of the Association of Fresh Fruit Exporters of Chile (hereinafter, the Chilean Cherry Committee) and Pinduoduo jointly held a joint press convention to welcome the peak sales season.
Juan Jose Vidal Wood, Chile’s advertising consul in Shanghai, told the press convention that Chile’s unique geographic environment offers suitable development situations for cherries. The local government and the Chilean Cherry Committee have invested a lot of work and curtain resources in the orchard. and packaging for the protection and perfection of the production and export source chain.
“We invited our friends to buy Chilean cherries in Pinduoduo. “
At the joint press conference on December 22, Chile’s industry consul in Shanghai (left) and Pinduoduo’s director of corporate affairs, Frank (right), attended the occasion and delivered Photo speeches through Zhong Tianyi
Since the Chilean Cherry Committee entered into strategic cooperation with Pinduoduo last year, the two sides have worked intensively in combination and have now shaped the shorter source chain style of “direct sourcing and direct shipping of Chilean origin. “Thanks to this, the Chilean cherries of Pinduoduo in the last 3 years have experienced an average annual increase of 200%.
“We are committed to bringing more high-quality fruit directly from its origin to thousands of homes. We hope that Pinduoduo can become one of the largest online sales platforms for Chilean cherries in the 2021-2022 production season,” said Frank, Director of Pinduoduo. . Business Director at the press conference.
Since Chilean cherries were allowed to be imported into China in 2008, the Chinese market has become the main destination for Chilean cherries over the past decade. of new cherries would accumulate 2. 6% compared to last season, reaching 361,800 tons.
Cristián Tagle, president of the Chilean Cherry Committee, believes that the quality of the cherries that reach the Chinese market will be very due to the climatic situations in Chile this year without rain or frost.
However, in terms of relative distance, Chile is the farthest country from China and cherries are a type of fruit that will have to take care of the long shipping time. ? This was a challenge for Chilean producers.
On the afternoon of October 31, the container of Chilean cherries arrived via plane at the wholesale fruit and vegetable market of Shanghai Huizhan, the largest imported fruit trade center in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai.
In fact, already at the end of October this year, the first batch of the airborne variety, Brooks, was introduced into the Jiangnan wholesale market in Guangzhou. remained upstairs.
In mid-December, with the arrival of the first explicit cherry to Hong Kong, the value of Chilean cherries continued to fall, the varieties that are lately shipped by sea basically come with Santina, Royal Dawn and the long-term Kordia. Superior water content and is resistant to garage and transport. Even after a long-distance trip, it can still be in perfect condition. It’s one of the types that have long been favored by Chinese consumers.
Compared to previous years, Chilean cherries are larger this year. According to the “Recommended Quality Guide for Export Cherries” published through the Chilean Cherry Committee, as of December 1, 2021, the minimum length of cherries shipped to China will be greater than XL and the shortest length L will no longer be shipped. At the same time, according to the needs of the Pinduoduo platform, Chilean cherries will need to have the “green code” to pass with PCR verification reports, disinfection reports, customs quarantine and verification equipment.
Since December, before the peak of chilean cherry sales, this exclusive fruit has long been in the midst of Pinduoduo’s promotion, and currently the average daily volume of cherry orders on the platform has stabilized at more than 50,000 orders. On the occasion of “10 billion subsidies” in the Pinduoduo, Day of the Purchase of Chilean Cherries on December 22, adding the pre-sales, the platform sold more than 250,000 kilograms of Chilean cherries.
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