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Just named by the Overseas Press Club as best commentator in any media on international news, Gideon Rachman asks if this will be the century of China, as the 20th century was that of the US?

Securities companies boost proprietary investments as traditional business lines suffer

FTCR data indicate growth slowed further in April but it is too soon to talk stimulus

Beijing must manage the debt of its Belt and Road Initiative, for everybody’s sake

Chinese search engine attracts $1.9bn outside investment for Du Xiao Man unit

Majority control allowed after Beijing responds to US calls for financial reform

Figures reveal full extent of pressures that led to sell-offs to cover buying spree

Rivals agree to ‘peace and tranquility’ on disputed border as Modi and Xi conclude talks

It is wrong to damn the market as ‘mature’ but suppliers have more to fear from slowdown

Unintended consequences could change balance of power on peninsula

FTCR China Real Estate Index shows robust activity but government squeeze will weigh

Fall in yield raises questions about Beijing’s policy and the economy

Move to halt sale of stake in miner to Tianqi could ‘leave negative influences’