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Near term impact depends on whether urge to offshore wealth increases

The people on the piste are changing as Chinese arrive and millienial interest slides

Indian economy grew at annualised rate of 7.2% in last quarter, ahead of China’s 6.8%

Sell-off affirms trend for sharpening volatility as long equities rally starts to buckle

Volvo owner quietly builds up stakes as it becomes major force on automotive stage 

Unexpectedly severe slowdown leaves index near zero-growth level, hitting mining shares

Recent moves by Beijing could open the door to wider coverage

Latest FTCR data show growth remains robust, but political calculus is changing

Not all tycoons are equal in China, where capitalists face enduring suspicion

China’s water crisis has no easy answers, suggesting severe dislocations to come

President’s move risks backlash from China’s urban elites if not the masses

FTCR China Real Estate Index dips as first-tier city sales slow to crawl

Autocracy is a risky system, even in a country with a solid bureaucratic tradition

Chinese president’s growing control weakens will of domestic critics and officials alike