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Firms taking countermeasures even as most expect Washington and Beijing to resolve dispute

Shares in earthmover group fall nearly 10% and drag down Wall St indices

Sharp slowdown recorded in final quarter as investor sentiment turned

Group to stop output by March after being accused by US of technology theft

Reported improvement in logistics business contrasts with manufacturing sector problems

Online ticketing service shares to raise about $250m, a far cry from last year’s plans of up to $1bn

Suspicions are as much about China’s system as about the company itself

New York-based rating agency will be able to register for service in interbank market

Wang Quanzhang verdict part of crackdown on legal activists launched in 2015

Agreement adds to ride-hailing company’s existing partnerships with 12 carmakers

A cogent guide to China’s economic slowdown and the marginalisation of the private sector

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Tech supply chain braces for tough 2019 with early cutbacks