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Creation of genetically engineered twins puts pioneers of Crispr technology under scrutiny

Corporate chiefs fear momentum behind growth is likely to slow amid global uncertainty

Minerals required for electric car batteries and clean energy at top of shopping list

Hong Kong, China, January 25, 2019 / – BT FIRST GLOBAL TELCO TO RECEIVE DOMESTIC TELECOMS LICENCES IN CHINA BT today announced that it has become the first international telecommunications company to receive nationwide licences from the China Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.The two ‘value added licences’, China nationwide Domestic IP-VPN licence and China… Read More

Chipmaker hit by slowdown in China and pause in cloud computing spending

Economy still among fastest growing in the world, says top executive

State media reporting of companies that do not recognise ‘Beijing’s territory’ threatens to inflame issue

Group seek to restart stalled WTO talks on rules covering cross-border data

Losses widen amid content arms race but platforms will struggle to retain subscribers