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Europe’s GDPR rules prompt work to improve regulation across the region

What are the chances that they will meet, and what are the prospects for success?

Louise Lucas visits the new HQ of China's largest tech company

Euro rebounds while S&P 500 bounces off three-week low

Rising wages, faster product cycles and ageing workforce squeeze margins

Catching up with US will depend on continued ‘opening up’ and avoiding big upheavals

As President Trump seeks to cut the US trade deficit with China, Martin Wolf explains what it will take for the Chinese to build a mass consumer market. Shenzhen’s tech trailblazers are anxious about rising property prices. Foreign manufacturers welcome the crackdown on copycats but are ambivalent about Trump’s trade bluster

Local businesses steal march on multinationals that fail to notice market shift

Trump administration focuses on Chinese innovation-led growth strategy

Promises to liberalise markets are less than they seem, but retaliation is real risk

Blow for global climate change effort as Greenpeace data show 4% rise in first quarter

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Steve Mollenkopf says telecoms groups could disrupt market leaders Apple and Samsung

Punitive measures get go-ahead even as Ross heads to Beijing for talks